New Preset menu for jumping straight to useful layouts!



Select the different view. The more views you have, the more jumpy it will be. Try to use only 1 or 2 at a time.


Add various objects by clicking on buttons. The compass tool allows you to add compasses when you click on the simulation. The compass button toggles, so click the button again when you want to stop adding compasses.



Add filings by clicking and holding on the simulation. Hold right button to remove filings or hit clear button.


Grab the green handle on magnets or the +/- signs on solonoids and motors to rotate them.



Use the copy button to copy the simulation view to the clipboard. You can then paste this into presentations and reports.

The move button turns on movement simulation to give an idea of how the forces will work. This works well with double magnets and also with the solonoid and motor in the uniform field.


Double click on objects to reverse their orientation quickly to see how it affects the fields.



Turn the uniform field on or off using this button. Change the direction using the button below.


Click on the background and drag to select multiple objects. Drag objects to bottom right, where a bin will appear and drop them to delete them.